Student Visa Application & Procedures

The students can only come to Malaysia if the application is approved by Ministry of Higher Education & Immigration Department of Malaysia. The application processing time is estimated about 2 to 3 month.

The SEAA will not be responsible if the student decided to come to Malaysia without getting approval from the SEAA, Ministry of Higher Education & Immigration Department of Malaysia.

NOC & Eligibility Letter is a certificate of recognition which the potential student need to get the endorsement from the relevant authority from the country of origin of the student i.e. Ministry of Education, Education department, etc. These rules only apply for African students who wish to study in Malaysia.

The student needs to submit the NOC & Eligibility Letter to the college for further approval from the Malaysian Higher Education Department.

**Please refer and request from IS Office for the Forms/Checklists & etc.



  1. ii) Immigration Information


-Immigration Advice for Students

With Malaysia focused on becoming a regional centre of educational excellence, we expect to see more international students enrolling in South East Asia Academy (SEAA). We provide assistance with student visa application, airport pick-up, accommodation, travel arrangements, health insurance and personal counseling. The orientation of our foreign students takes into consideration educational, cultural and social adjustments.

The International Student Office (ISO) & Student Services serves the needs of our growing population of students from overseas. Its purpose is to help international students adapt to life at Malaysia, as well as to get the most out of their stay by organizing a wide range of extra-curricular and cultural activities.

-Immigration Policies for International Students

International students are required to comply with immigration Malaysia rules and regulations. Please adhere strictly to the requirements to minimize delay or other problems that may arise.

A passport or travel document with minimum one year validity is required to enter the country. You need to obtain an approval letter from the Malaysian Immigration Department prior to entering the country (this will be applied by the college on your behalf). The colleges representative will receive you at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and help you process the stamping of the student pass on your passport after arrival.


iii)  Airport Pickup & Procedures

Students need to notify us on their flight schedule & flight info 1 week before their arrival (if the application is approved). SEAA representative will fetch the students from KLIA/LCCT airport & do the immigration clearance for the student. On arrival, student is advised to wait at the immigration office at KLIA/LCCT airport.

The country also imposes exchange controls. This means that you cannot bring in a large amount of Malaysian Ringgit. You are advised to bring in your country’s currency and exchange in Malaysia for the Ringgit or use Traveler’s Cheques. You will be required at Malaysian airports to declare the amount of currency you are bringing into the country.

Note : Please request Airport Arrival Services Form from IS Office/Marketing Department.